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Dr. William Liye Zhao can help cancer clients as following:

Shrinking Tumors

Tumour masses start to shrink within two-six months. No interaction with your prescription.

Shrink Tumors Therapy can help for

  • Cancer patients after surgery, chemo and/ or radiation therapy
  • Slowing or stopping the spreading of the cancer
  • Patients of end stage of cancer living in long time without life-threatening.
  • The best is for liver cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer and so on.

Specific Protocol:

  • Anti- tumor Herb capsules-1 (Two capsules each time, twice daily)
  • Immune increasing Herb capsules-2 ( One-Two capsules each time, twice daily)
  • Acupuncture balance: relieving of the pain, stress, anxiety and enhancing body immune(Once or twice a week)

Strength the body’s Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang to prevent and treat precancer (a condition that tends to become malignant), cancer.

Dealing with the Side Effects of Chemotherapy, radiation, Biological therapy

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)
  • Lymphedema ( Swollen Limbs)

Improving Body Energy

Controlling Pain

Cancer- Related Fatigue

Maintaining Good Nutrition

Cancer-Related Depression

Relaxation and Cancer Recover

Staying Physical Fit

Improving Immune
The American Cancer Society estimates that there are 170,000 or more deaths from cancer in the United State each year that could have been prevented. Knowing factors that increase the risks of developing different forms of cancer can save your life. (Nutritional Healing, James F. Balch M.D.)

Cancer Risk Factors, with Percentages (Cancer Therapy, Malin Dollinger, MD et. )

  • Diet 30-35%
  • Tobacco 30-32%
  • Viruses and Infection 10%
  • Sexual Factors Unknown 5%
  • Alcohol 3-4%
  • Industrial Occupation 4%
  • Heredity 2%
  • Environment Pollution 2%
  • Radiation 1%
  • Sunlight (ultraviolet) 1%
  • Additives 1%

Different Cancers relating with Risk Factors ((Nutritional Healing, James F. Balch M.D.)

Type of CancerRisk Factors
Bladder and KidneyExposure to certain chemicals: Benzidines, aniline dyes, naphthalenes, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine and/or artificial sweeteners; a history of schistosomiasis; frequent urinary tract infections
BreastFirst childbirth after age 35; having no children; family history of cancer; high alcohol and /or caffeine intake; high fat diet; diabetes; sugar intake; Estrogens and oral contraceptives
Cervical and UterineMore than 5 complete pregnancies; first intercourse before age 18; a history of gonorrhea or genital warts; multiple sex partners; infertility
ColonLack of dietary fiber and calcium; polyps; family history of colon cancer; continued constipation and/or diarrhea; a buildup of toxins in the colon; a high-fat diet
EndometrialNever having been pregnant; being past menopause; family history of cancer; diabetes; obesity; hypertension
LaryngealHeavy smoking; alcohol consumption
LeukemiaHereditary factors; radiation exposure; chronic viral infections
Lung CancerSmoking; exposure to asbestos; nickel; chromates or radioactive materials; chronic bronchitis; history tuberculosis; exposure to certain chemicals such as pesticide and herbcides
Liver CancerHepatitis, Alcohol; Cirrhosis
LymphomaHereditary factors, immune system dysfunction; Virus infection
Mouth and ThroatExcessive alcohol intake; smoking; use of chewing tobacco
OvarianNot having had children; High-fat diet
ProstateRecurring prostate infection; history of venereal disease; diet high in animal fat; high intake of milk; meat, and /or coffee; use of male hormone testosterone in treatment of impotence
StomachPernicious anemia; lack of hydrochloric acid and dietary fiber; high-fat diet; chronic gastritis; stomach polyps

Traditional Chinese Medicine Views the Cancer

Improving and strength the body’s Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang; Helping the body’s immune system for fighting with cancer cells.

  • Purple tongue always indicated Blood Stasis. The purple colour of the tongue indicates potentially serious conditions such as cancer. 57.35% of cancer patients
  • Fatigue presents in every cancer patient. Body energy or Qi determines the body’s fatigue and body’s response to cancer therapy. TCM emphasize to treat Qi stagnation or /and deficiency in order to maintain body’s response to Chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • The Yin and/or Yang deficiency always presents in the advanced cancer cases. Tonic the Yin and Yang can help the body recover from the cancer.
  • Emotion or spirit can impact on your body’s Qi and Blood. Stress and depression can cause the Qi and Blood Stagnation. Removing the stress and depression can Help cancer therapy.

Cancer growth speed can be slow down or stopped by health body.

The patient can live with the cancer for a long time if he or she has a health body.


I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October of 2007 and proceeded with 12 Chemotherapy treatments as recommended by my oncologist. At that time, one of my employers gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture with Dr. Zhao - she had suffered from breast cancer previously and highly recommended going for acupuncture treatments - saying it was relaxing and very therapeutic. I waited and waited, never seeming to have enough time or, feeling well enough to go. 

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